31 grudnia 2019


[Communication as of 15.05.2020]

If your Choir has applied for the originally planned Passion Music Festival and you just want to confirm your participation in the Festival with a new date (16–18.10.2020), which will be held under the changed name as the International Festival of Sacral Music in Szczecin, then just fill in the short form „Participation re-declaration”.

If your Choir has not previously applied for the Festival on the scheduled date, you can still register by filling in the full form below (section „New application” below).

Remember the important dates, the new deadline for submissions is 01.09.2020.

Participation re-declaration

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New application

Application for participation in the International Sacral Music Festival in Szczecin, please complete all fields in the form, and attach the necessary files.


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After pressing the "Send" button, please be patient.
Sending the form can take up to several minutes due to the size of the music and photo files.
Please do not change the page during this time, do not press the "Send" button again, do not click any links on the page, do not press the "back" button, etc.